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Steel Frame Buildings & Cladding

Shed Building

We can undertake complete projects from the groundwork's to the doors and cladding, whilst we are also happy to supply individual components or services needed for the build. An increasingly common service that we offer, is that of erecting previously purchased kit buildings for customers and have even made and supplied are own, pre-fab, ready to install small scale steel buildings, for fan and burner houses. Furthermore, we are also happy to take on the unusual and sometimes awkward jobs, such as lean too's, extensions of existing sheds or limited space builds. We actively encourage customers to come and see previous jobs to get an idea of what we can offer.


To run alongside out construction service, we also offer an industrial and agricultural demolition service. Increasingly farm and industrial buildings constructed in the 70s and 80s have come to the end of their working life, or are no longer suited to modern machinery and practices. We can offer a fast and safe de-construction or demolition service of these types of buildings and can also handle the asbestos cladding which is commonly found covering them. Some frames are suitable for re-siting or resale, once down and where necessary we can carefully dismantle these buildings for future use.

Alterations & Re-Clads

The type of jobs we undertake on doesn't always involve the full erection or demolition of a building and instead may take the form of alterations or re-clads. These types of jobs generally come about when the building has a change of purpose and needs significant alterations to its dimensions or internal layout. Re-clads have to be carried out when the existing material used has reached the end of its life. For example, cement fibre roof sheets, becoming brittle and leaking.