Our Services



We offer a range of fabrication services including cutting folding and general fabrication.  We specialize and enjoy the one of fabrications so if you have an idea then please get in touch.  We have previously fabricated all kinds of bespoke machines and attachments as well as modified existing machines to accommodate items such as seeders.  Added to this we regularly fabricate the more conventional types of products, such as gates, frameworks and brackets.




The bulk of our work focuses on agricultural and industrial repairs.  This can take any form and we are comfortable and equipped to deal with just about any mechanical situation you can think off.  A normal days work can involve anything from straightening out bent mountings on our 60 ton press to a gearbox strip down and repair.  Welding and strengthening repairs to damaged machines as well as worn parts replacement, is also something we have a great deal of experience with.

  • Bearing and moving parts repaired
  • Chain/Belt repairs and replacements
  • Tears, Bends and Breaks straightened and repaired
  • Worn/Broken PTO shafts and parts re-fitted – including universal joints
  • Hydraulic pipes and ram repairs
  • Worn trailer towing eyes and damaged floors/sides replaced


Hydraulic Pipes and Ram seal Repairs


Hydraulic power plays a part in just about every single process in both agriculture and industry, with a burst pipe or leaking ram having the potential to stop work for hours.  With this in mind we stock all major BSP, Metric and JIC fittings with enough adaptors and pipe to allow for most combinations.  This is where are on site engineer can really make a difference.  If you have a pipe burst in a crucial period, out of regular hours then don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We also offer a ram repair and re-sealing service.  This includes rod, tube and gland repairs/replacements as well as basic re-sealing.  We can turn most rams round in 24hrs so you aren’t left waiting.


Steel frame building & cladding


We offer a steel frame building supply and erection service, providing everything you need to complete your project.  Once again we specialize in the one off and unusual.  This often includes extensions of existing buildings or bespoke designs to fit crowded or small spaces, allowing you to make the most of your area.  Furthermore we offer a cladding repair and replacement service to damaged or renovated buildings.

Farm Supplies

We appreciate the need for you to get back working as quickly as possible, which is why we stock an extensive range of bearings, transmission parts, wearings parts, belts and chains.  This allows us to get most customers going as soon as they come see us.  To compliment this we also stock a range of general supplies from a huge range of nuts and bolts to pest control, oils, greases and work wear.

  • Nuts, bolts & washers (Huge selection of all types, sizes, imperial, metric etc)
  • Steel; bar, box, plate, sheet, angle
  • Bearings (Huge selection)
  • Universal joints
  • Pto; Shafts, Yolks, Guards (All of which can be fitted at our workshop)
  • Wearing parts – E.g Drag/flat lift
  • Plough parts – Dowdeswell, Kverneland, Lemken, Ransome
  • Replacement blades for buckets
  • Replacement bale handling tines
  • Hydraulic fittings & pipes (Can be fitted at our workshop)
  • Drive chains & Belts
  • Witham greases & oils
  • Pest control; rat/mice poisons, traps, bait boxes, mole traps, bird scarers
  • Ratchets and ratchet straps
  • Boots & Wellys (Steel toe cap available)
  • Outdoor clothing
  • Gloves; work gloves, leather gloves, rubber gloves
  • Brushes, Shovels, Forks, spades
  • Tools; spanners, vices, drills, drill bits,
  • Dust masks, goggles, ear defenders
  • Lighting boards
  • Hobbyweld Gas




We are also stockists for several leading brands.

Hyundai – We stock and sell the Hyundai range of power equipment.  This means we are able to supply you with top of the range pressure washers, generators, water pumps, lawnmowers, chainsaws and much much more.  Many of the range comes with two year warranty.  See our online store for more information on this range of products.  Furthermore we offer servicing on all the products.

Hobbyweld – Within the past year we have secured the right to distribute the Hobbyweld of rent free gases in this area.  We have found this range of rent free gases hugely popular with existing and new customers, who it has saved a great deal of money.  Contact us for information on the range.

Enduramaxx – The most recent addition to our product range enduramaxx offers a vast range of storage tanks from rainwater harvesting to molasses and liquid fertilizer.  We are able to both sell and install these products so please have a look at our online store for more details and prices or contact us now for more information.

Hoggs of Fife – We have long been a stockist of this well known brand of clothing.  Our range caters for the working person and covers everything from boots and coats to socks and gloves.  Again see our online store or visit us at our workshop for more information or to make a purchase.

Portek – This range of bird scaring equipment has really proved itself in recent years and you don’t have to look to hard to see some of their products flying in the fields.  We offer the complete range of kites, scarers, rockets and bangers.

Kramp – Through our association with this huge global supplier we are able to cover a huge range of spare parts from leading machinery manufacturers, including dowdeswell, maschio, valderstad, lemken, kvernaland etc etc.  The list is endless so please get in touch for more information or see our online store for special deals.